Hey Everybody! Im Joe. Im alot of things really, a husband, dad, fire breather, engineer, robot builder, teacher etc. Lets just say I’m mufti-faceted. In my day job I work at rather large company that produces even larger yellow tractors. I program cnc machines, welding robots, do research in machine vision and other random projects. I started these projects on this page in an effort to broaden my knowledge and deepen my interest in my work. Its turned into a pretty awesome hobby and really helped with my career. Outside of work I teach yoga, and do some other dabbling in different areas like that. I also run a fire performance troupe and travel all over the country teaching and performing. Other interests are electronics, computers, robots and that general fun. Anyway this page is were Im going to organize some of my thoughts, ideas, and projects. Alot of it will be documenting things Ive already done, like building a CNC Router. I will also be creating tutorials on CAD and CAM as well as some beginner Linux functions to get people going. ┬áLike Most blogs this will be a constant work in progress so keep with it, maybe you’ll learn something. Also feel free to comment on the posts if you feel there’s a better way. Im always looking for new ideas! Joe